Chris Hanson

While working in sales at IBM, Chris Hanson spent nights and weekends studying the stock market.  He was constantly told “ya can’t beat the market, you should invest in real estate.”  The studying eventually paid off; in 2002, the dream that many people have was achieved…he walked away from the j-o-b at age 40.

Looking back, he realized that the naysayers fell into 3 groups:

Group 1

The first group is comprised of those with negative attitudes. No matter what it is that you want to try, they will say that it can not be done. They usually tell you this while they’re sitting on the couch.

Group 2

The second group includes those who have dabbled unsuccessfully in the stock market. They typically focused 100% of their effort on the “how-to”, always searching for the hot stock or trying to figure out some complex strategy. These people haven’t realized that their mindset is the key….and avoiding that is what led to their eventual demise.

Group 3

The third group includes the financial industry types who get paid to tell you how to invest your money. There is a cruel irony with this third group: very few of them actually make their living by trading and investing their own money in the stock market.

After Chris left the workforce, people kept asking, “Can you show me how?” He started by teaching one person over their dining room table.  They told someone else, and then another; those dining-room sessions eventually evolved to become Profits On Wall Street, a workshop that teaches the methods he uses.

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