Audio Testimonials

Below are interviews with past graduates. This is not the stereotypical collection of excited first-time attendees who just walked out of the workshop saying, “class is awesome…I can’t wait to get started….This is gonna be great….you should attend…”. Instead, the discussions are with people who have been working at this for some time; we talk about their prior experience; what tripped them up; what they learned; the challenges they face; and what’s next for them in their development. People from a variety of backgrounds, experience, and in various stages of career (and life) are included. They’re arranged alphabetically; while you may feel drawn to start with a particular one due to the description, it would be wise to listen to all of them as they each offer incredible insight.

Written Testimonials

I wish you would have advertised this class. I have been looking for something like this for several years. My phone number at work is (edited). Be forewarned, if you call that number in about 4 years, I won’t be there!
— E. Palos Verdes, CA
This is a hands-on course that may well be worth its weight in gold. Don’t be fooled by its simplicity… It’s designed with clear and simple market rules that gave me the information to make important investment decisions with confidence. He provides step-by-step instruction and is taught with many examples that bring it all together. He teaches how to find the trade, when to enter and what to expect. It is well organized and works for both the beginner and the seasoned trader.
— H. Sherman Oaks, CA
You wanted to know when we reach time freedom, well I got here last June. I still waiting for confetti and balloons to drop from the ceiling, I did not get my mvp trophy I did not get a champion ring, nobody interviewed me. Next to raising two kids, this is the biggest accomplishment of my life and only my husband knows. You were right, staying quiet about it means no one will bother me. Freedom, it is the perfect place to be. Keep doing what you do, you change lives.
— K.
Amazing class…However, I would like to request that you charge a lot more and don’t let new people attend so then I would not have to share you with others. I know, I know; I have to work on being greedy and selfish…Seriously – thank you for what you do for all of us. I say that for myself and for many others in the room. Keep doing what you’re doing.
— C.
I appreciate all you have done to set me, and everyone in that room this year, on our paths to financial freedom. You have already delivered the real gift which is hope – not hope-ium! It is amazing to see; I said it to the person sitting beside me last weekend; You are literally changing lives…one at a time!
— H.
I walked into this thinking I would learn “something” about the stock market. It’s hard to explain to others that I didn’t just learn a ton about the stock market, but I’ve learned a ton about myself; a ton about how others think/react; a ton about life. I’ve built an incredible network of contacts; I’ve developed some very deep, lasting friendships; and I’ve gained an entirely different perspective on life. Friends and co-workers keep asking why I always have a smile on my face; the only people I’ve found that “get it” when I try to describe why are those who have attended.
— M.
I said it to you in person the other day, but I wanted to be sure that you see it in writing. Thank you again for dedicating your time, effort, and knowledge about the stock market and how it applies to everyday life. With what you taught me and others, this is totally a life-changer. I’m a new dad; I knew there would be a financial increase that comes with a new baby. However, I didn’t foresee the sense of obligation and responsibility that I now gladly feel as a provider for this totally helpless, little “10lb lump of love” child. I’ve used what you taught me to not only provide financially for my family, but more importantly, I have all the time in the day, every day, to spend with my wife and my child. That’s just one example of what I mean by this being a life-changer. Thank you.
— V.
This has been such a fascinating journey – and I know it’s just beginning. Thinking back to my experience before last September when I started attending class; I had no awareness of the market, barely knew what was in my “managed account” holdings (except for the fluctuating balance) and didn’t even know what channel CNBC was on!

Now, just a few months into it, I had a conversation last week with a guy who is a self-proclaimed market trader, went toe to toe with him, and by the end of our chat he was asking me for my picks and predictions! Unbelievable moment…and I’m still so new to this path.
— H.
One of the books you told us about mentions the question of – if you were to die in 24 hours, what would you do? The old man said a truly happy person wouldn’t change what he normally does, because he’s already doing what he wants to do. I thought of you and I imagine you feel the same way. You would still get in one more session of teaching because I can tell you really love to teach and share.’re sharing the “secrets” of obtaining wealth with others to help us achieve our dreams as well. I think you are truly happy and that is more inspiring than the thought of you being “rich”.’s another THANK YOU for your time, wisdom, passion and motivation! I truly appreciate the opportunity you have given us. It’s on me to take that opportunity, do the work and achieve my dreams.

Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better.
— N.
I’ve googled it; I’ve looked at,, There is no word that describes how “darn” good this stuff works.
— K.
Class = attended multiple times.

Results = amazing

Emotions (trading): originally thought I was in control. I soon realized they were driving me. Today, I’m aware of them, and improving my control of my reaction (usually!)

Credit card debt: used to have some but now it’s gone.
Car payments: used to have two but now they’re gone.
Mortgage: = zero

Freedom = yes. Though I’m still 9-5er, I can leave if I want to.
Like everyone, I dislike some things at work, but enjoy most of it so I have no reason to quit. And it is powerful knowing I could walk at any moment.

Confidence = hard to describe as it is sky high, yet I don’t need to toot my horn.
Humbleness = very. I have my moments, but am usually very humble.

Emotions (non-trading) = when I think of what you’ve provided for me and my family, I can quickly get very emotional.

Anything you want to offer in the future = sign me up.
Anything you ever need = please ask.
— M.
I think I keep repeating myself in emails to you. But, again I want to thank you for teaching us what you do – it’s so generous of you. You are so passionate about this stuff and it spills over into every class session. I get a wealth of information every single session.
— R.
I just wanted to say again, that never have I ever been so engaged (for 7+ hours straight) in any class/workshop… Seriously… Jr. High, High School, College, Professional workshops/training programs, Company Sales meetings….I have never been as fully engaged with either of these (honest truth)…. but this offers the full potential of the person…and it’s there, I’ll have to “do the work”…but I see it…the dreams/goals. I can’t wait to dive in deeper! When it’s all said and done, I will really have to thank you.
— W.
Honestly Chris, you both have done an amazing job on what you’ve taught us. I’m grateful you both are doing what you’re doing for us. People just need to stop being lazy. I honestly don’t think you need to change anything in the class. If anything, deny admission until they show proof of doing their homework. As they do the homework, they’ll notice this stuff works. My apologies if this isn’t quite what you wanted to hear. I genuinely want to give you that call one day and say “let’s do lunch, on me”, … We all have to do our end of the deal; sit down, shut up, and row. The best things in life are worth the hard work it takes to get there otherwise everyone would have financial freedom and we would all be in search of something else. I apologize for the soapbox, but if people aren’t motivated enough to want the financial freedom, they should just stick to their 9-5. You’ve handed it to us in a silver platter already. I hope this doesn’t come across the wrong way as I say this with love and gratitude to you both. You’re right. The journey doesn’t start until you start taking this seriously.
— L.
I can’t say “thank you” enough for sharing what you know. I look forward to re-attending next year as well. I have spent multiple times the cost of the class on tuition for my kids and I can tell you, I would pay much more than that to have them sit and learn from you. I tell friends that if your commitment is real and you’re not afraid of work, you will enjoy every bit of the class.
— P.
think I keep repeating myself in emails to you. But, again I want to thank you for teaching us what you do – it’s so generous of you. You are so passionate about this stuff and it spills over into every class session. I get a wealth of information every single session.
— R.
Absolutely the best investment I have ever made in myself. I have recommended this program to many of my friends and would “strongly encourage” anyone who is interested in taking charge of their finances and future to take this course. The program is well thought out and presented in a no-nonsense format that gives you real world expertise, knowledge and advise. This is not get rich quick…but it will change your life forever!
— Redondo Beach, CA
When I first learned of the trading workshop, I balked at the price. However, what rang loud and clear was your statement, “You can’t afford not to do it”. When I finally did attend, I realized that you were absolutely correct but I had no idea how right you would ultimately be.

Everything that you described in the workshop has happened – whether it’s the trade setups; the emotional highs and lows, the ever-growing confidence that I would gain as I continually improve my understanding of the market; and my ever-increasing account balance.

One expectation was wrong. You mentioned that if I followed the rules that I should be able to retire within about 5 years. It’s already been about 2 years, and I’m already making 6 figures. It is to the point now where I am upset at myself if I don’t make 5 figures on a monthly basis. Thank you for making a true difference in my life including the many friends / family that have made the choice toward financial freedom. It is an awesome experience to have the confidence that you can buy almost ANY thing you want, it’s simply a matter of discipline and good trading. Your wealth of knowledge and ability to teach is second to none.

Thank you for laying the foundation for a great second career!
— Orange County, CA
I was first introduced to this workshop by a friend who is a previous student. My friend had taken the course a few years ago and through hard work and diligence were trading successfully enough to retire early. He recommended the course to me, knowing that I was looking for a way to be able to spend more time living, rather than working.

After our conversation, there were three things that stood out in my mind that I perceived as obstacles. I work full-time and have a young child and thought, how can I possibly put in the time and effort that would be required. My second perceived obstacle was the I was a novice when it came to the stock market. My friend had always been interested in trading, and was already quite knowledgeable about the stock market prior to attending. How could I, a person who barely knew the difference between a stock and a mutual fund, possibly think I could be successful at this. And lastly, could I really sit through half-day workshops of someone teaching me trading methodologies, as I have absolutely no passion for the stock market. After some truly bad days at work, I knew I had to make some changes. So, despite my apprehensions, I signed up for the course.

I discovered that, yes, there truly was a lot of work required; but the instructor tells you exactly what you have to do, so there is no guessing or trying to figure out what you have to do or what works the best. I have always loved the phrase “work smart, not hard”. Well, the instructor worked hard and already figured out what works, so we can work smart. The biggest issue for me at that point was time management and making the time to do the work required. It’s hard at first, but the more you do the work the more efficient you get and the less time it takes.

In terms of being a novice when it comes to the stock market, after taking the first class; it was apparent that this was not going to be an obstacle. Whatever you need to succeed in the stock market truly is taught in this class. There is no pre-requisite that you have to be knowledgeable about trading or the stock market. You may have to spend more time reading and learning about the basics, in comparison to someone more experienced, but there really is no advantage to having that prior knowledge.

My fear that I would not be able to sit through a half-day of someone telling me how to read stock charts was also squashed after taking the first class. The workshops were very enjoyable and beyond just chart reading and the academics of trading. It was apparent that the instructor has a passion for the stock market, but what was even more apparent was his passion and genuine interest in seeing people succeed. Of course, you will look at charts during the course of the workshop, as you are paying to learn trading methods; but what I found just as important was the instructor’s inspiring insights and stories. These are take-aways that help keep me motivated to continue when I get frustrated (and you will get frustrated a lot on this “journey” should you choose this path). The instructor goes beyond the academics, by also covering the emotional side of trading. You can learn all these methods from textbooks; however, a majority of books do not mention the importance of recognizing and dealing with one’s emotions. I had never even thought of this aspect, until I was first faced with the possibility of losing my own money and experienced first-hand how my emotions could cloud and sway my thinking and reasoning.

I am still on my journey to achieving my personal financial goals, but have no doubt that I will achieve them. I absolutely recommend this course to anyone who wants or needs a life change. The instructor and the materials taught in this class will leave a profound impact on the way you view your job and will open up financial and retirement choices that most people believe they do not have.
— Long Beach, CA

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