Three of the four reasons mentioned above are out of your control.

Regardless of how the choice gets made, you’ll need to already know how to have your money make money for you.

Money Bag

Profits on Wall Street is a 35+ hour workshop where you’ll learn how to trade stock + options…To be clear, this is not just about how to trade stock & options, this is about learning how to manage your wealth…and THAT is a skill that you’ll use until the day you die.

It is a 5-session course (class is every other Sunday); it is offered 3x per year between SoCalif and NoCalif.

Can’t make it to a live workshop? No problem! There’s a homestudy version of the course available.

The course is intended for those who want to control their financial destiny.

From a retirement perspective, employers have shifted the retirement burden to the employees (401k). Pensions are a thing of the past.  If you intend to retire some day, then it is up to you to learn how to have your money make money.   

Do you already have an advisor managing your money? That’s great!  Here’s a few questions for you to think about:  Do you know your recent results?  More importantly, do you REALLY know what they’re doing with YOUR money….and WHY they’re doing it? An even better question: Could they maintain their standard of living if they had to live off the gains from their own money? That’s the place that you’re trying to get to…

If you get there when you’re young, it’s called time freedom (no longer reliant on a j-o-b). If you get there much later in life, that’s called “retirement”. Aaaand if you never get there, that’s called “uh-oh”. That means that you’ll have to rely on Social Security and/or a pension, and that is not the place that you want to be.

Always, always, always remember:  Nobody cares more about your money than you do.

Lots of people think that since they don’t have the know-how, and don’t have much time, it’s easier to outsource it to “someone”.   In other words, “someone takes care of that for me…”     That is scary.   

Imagine if I walked up to your young child and said, “Junior, here’s what you do: get an education so you can get a good-paying job; then find a nice “someone” and give them everything you make; it’s easiest to just give it all to them and let them manage it for you.  Junior, your financial future isn’t your responsibility – just put it in someone else’s hands and let them deal with it”.    You’d be furious if I said that to your kid.   Rather than be pissed off at me, look in the mirror.  What message are you sending?

Nobody Cares More About Your Money Than You Do.

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